OBo about leaving Complexity Gaming: “It’s important for me to be where I feel at home”

17-year-old American CS: GO player Owen oBo Sklatter commented on his departure from Complexity Gaming. He said that he wanted to return home as soon as possible due to the situation with the pandemic in the world, and noted that difficulties arose in the team that could not be solved.

“With the talk of quarantine and the chaos that will return to the UK, I was uncomfortable being so far from home for such an indefinite period. I never thought that I would live with a European team, it was that year, but I couldn’t do it anymore. I devoted myself completely to my work, but underestimated how important it is for me to be where I feel at home. I was abroad and traveled in Europe during the pandemic for most of this year, but at some point it had to come to an end. It will never be a problem for me to come to Europe and live here for a while, but in Complexity this situation has been very prolonged. Now that there is a mess in the UK and around the world, I had to make this decision, and I know it is right.

Also, I would like to thank Complexity for everything the club has done for me, especially Jason Lake who gave me the chance to play for a professional team. Playing for this legendary organization has changed a lot in my life, thanks for this opportunity. To all COL fans, you are awesome <3 Thank you for supporting me along the way. As for my future – I intend to return to the competitive scene with the right team when the opportunity arises! “

On September 22, Sclatter left Complexity Gaming. According to the club’s CEO, initially oBo agreed with the team that he would play for it until the end of the ESL Pro League playoffs, but then changed his decision.

OBo has been a member of Complexity Gaming since June 2019. With the team, he won several championships of the #HomeSweetHome series, as well as the European final of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020. At the moment, the team is ranked fifth in the HLTV. OBo ranking about leaving Complexity Gaming: “It is important for me to be where I feel like houses”

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