NS about zoneR: “He received his punishment – this does not mean that we should give up on him”

Caster Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov spoke about the negativity towards Alexander MechanoGun Bogatyrev (zoneR) after the announcement of his appointment as a CS: GO mentor for forZe School. He speculated about the coach’s “public execution” in a podcast on WASD.TV.

“It seems to me that lately people are too inclined to“ drown ”a person with or without reason. Now [public executions] are especially convenient because twitter has come up and all. People just don’t put themselves in the shoes of a person. He didn’t kill anyone, he just cheated. Yes, bad; yes, he was banned; he took responsibility in that segment, received his punishment, censure, and that’s it. I believe that this is not a reason now to spread rot and poison him everywhere. [I don’t think] the fact that he is still in CS: GO is horrible. I want us to be able to forgive.

It seems to me that we should not just keep evil on a person. He did nothing wrong to us, and neither did the people who persecute him. He did something bad and received his punishment – this does not mean that we should put an end to him, or everyone should forget about him, brand him and not let him go to e-sports, or not shake his hand. This is a bad policy, it will not lead us to anything good, I think. Basically a society, I mean. Now there is a similar trend all over the world ”.

Cooperation forZe and zoneR became known on October 23rd.

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