NS about the support of NAVI: “I understood people who are pissed off that the commentator is drowning for this or that team”

Dota 2 analyst Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov said that he thinks about the support of the teams from the commentators on the air of the official broadcasts. Using the example of the Russian-language stream of the Natus Vincere match at IEM Katowice 2021 in CS: GO, Kuznetsov noted that it annoys him.

“Today I understood people who are infuriated that the commentator is drowning for this or that team. I have nothing against NAVI, just as I have nothing for NAVI, the same about Liquid. I went to the Russian-language CS: GO stream, and there was such a flood for NAVI, what a tin in general – went to English. WITH A REASON FOR ME “.

In response to the NS post, commentator Roman CaspeRRR Lepekhin stated that casters also support foreign bands on English broadcasts.

“I went to those English broadcasts of yours. There is no need to dissemble. Everywhere people comment, if that. Another thing is that this process of flooding can be at least somehow controlled and not taken to extremes. “

Gambit Esports CS: GO player Timofey interz Yakushin commented on the victory over G2 Esports in the match of the lower bracket of Group A at IEM Katowice 2021. In a post-match interview, the esportsman said that the team would devote free time until the next meeting to trainings on Dust2 and Inferno.

“Inferno needs to be tweaked – we have there it is weak for defense, then for attack. We are adding a lot of new things to this map. Well, the game on Dust2 for the special forces needs to be improved. “

Yakushin also stated that G2 was able to surprise Gambit with non-standard actions in the first rounds on Dust2.

“We felt very calm in the match against G2, it was just that the game on Dust2 did not go well at first. We expected other rounds from them – they realized that we know a lot about them. But then we rebuilt and started taking rounds. ”

Thanks to the victory over G2, the CIS team earned a slot in the playoff quarterfinals.

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