NRG Esports CEO explains CS: GO roster sale

Andy Miller, Executive Director of NRG eSports, explained what was the reason for selling the CS: GO roster at Evil Geniuses. Miller criticized the inflated salaries of the players and the poor financial climate on the professional stage. According to him, maintaining a team on CS: GO is now ineffective from a business point of view.

Andy Miller:
“It was painful to look at these expenses. We want NRG Esports to exist as long as possible, but the CS: GO scene model is not conducive to this today. Honestly, it seems to me that this is just a bad business for all modern organizations. ”

Miller admitted that his organization is unlikely to return to CS: GO any time soon. NRG Esports is the managing partner of the San Francisco Shock team, which recently became the champion of the second season of the Overwatch League. The club also acquired a Call of Duty franchise league slot, where it will represent Chicago.

NRG Esports opened the CS: GO roster in January 2016. For three and a half years, the team won in tournaments a little over a million dollars in prize money. On September 26, NRG Esports sold the squad to Evil Geniuses and announced it was retiring.

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