NiKo became a G2 Esports player

Bosnian player Nikola NiKo Kovacs joined the G2 Esports CS: GO roster. The French club has posted on Twitter a video dedicated to the transfer of an esports player.

Kovacs has already said goodbye to his FaZe Clan partners, in which he spent three and a half years. NiKo admitted that with his decision he probably let the teammates down. However, the esportsman added that he considers this transfer to be the best route for both sides.

On October 26, rumors emerged regarding the possible transfer of Kovacs to G2 Esports. According to insider Guillaume neL Canelo, NiKo will replace François AmaNEk Delaunay to play for the first time in his career with his cousin Nemana huNter Kovacs. Earlier, it was reported that olofmeister allegedly started training with FaZe Clan – he took the place of the Bosnian esports player.

Bosnian player Nikola NiKo Kovacs commented on the transition to G2 Esports CS: GO. The cybersportsman said that he was glad to be on the same roster with his brother Nemanja huNter Kovacs. NiKo tweeted about this.

“I am very happy to announce that I have joined the G2 Esports roster, and I cannot convey how happy I am to play with huNter and the rest of the guys. I moved to this roster with the aim of bringing the team back to the top and staying there. # G2WIN “.

FaZe Clan has prepared a farewell video dedicated to the departure of Nikola NiKo Kovacs from the CS: GO roster. The video includes the brightest gaming moments performed by the Bosnian esports player for three and a half years at FaZe.

“Three years to remember. Ten championships to celebrate forever. Thank you NiKo.”

Kovacs joined FaZe Clan from mousesports at the beginning of 2017. For three and a half years, NiKo, together with the team, won ten championships, including ESL One New York 2017, BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 and EPICENTER 2018. Kovacs was recognized as the best player in six tournaments. For three years, NiKo has also been in the top 20 best players in the world according to the HLTV.

FaZe Clan CS: GO coach Yanko YNk Paunovich announced his decision to leave the team. The mentor announced this on Twitter.

Paunovich stated that FaZe Clan has been struggling for a long time with a number of problems in and out of the game, which the mentor has not been able to solve. According to YNk, after the departure of Nikola NiKo Kovacs, he should also leave the roster so that the team can pick a new specialist and start progressing.

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