Nielsen Development Director: “$ 600 thousand is more than enough to conduct and market our own tournament”

Nielsen Development Director Sergey Glamazda commented on the rumors about the Winstrike and RFRSH Entertainment deal and the BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 in Russia. In the commentary, he suggested that in the amount of $ 600 thousand you can organize your own tournament.

“It seems to me that this event is one of many elements of the development of the e-sports market in the country. It was significant, but for the investment business, a separate project does not determine the development trend. Therefore, it’s too early to talk about how the investment climate for the Russian Federation in e-sports will change.

The question of building your own or using an already well-known name (brand of the tournament) arises before absolutely all companies. If we assume that the right to hold a tournament is valid for three years, then these investments and the costs of holding can be deflected on the horizon for a year and a half. If this happens, then this is the right strategy. It is important to find your own format for commercial success, and the fact that the company is trying to find it already deserves a positive reaction. At the same time, your tournament is your IP with a more clear monetization system and control in the future. Amounts to ₽30 million ($ 600 thousand) are more than enough to conduct and marketing your own tournament. ”

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