Newcomer Vitality about Gambit: “We must follow their example”

Newcomer to Team Vitality’s CS: GO roster Nabil Nivera Benrlitom admitted that the team is trying to stick to a structured game. In an interview with, Adil’s younger brother ScreaM Benrlitom also spoke about his role in the team and noted the successes of Gambit Esports.

In Vitality, the Belgian so far plays only on Dust2 and Inferno:

“When I joined the team, the guys didn’t want me to memorize too much, so XTQZZZ suggested that I play one or two maps to make it easier for me.

We decided that I would play Dust2 because it is one of my best maps and it can help the team. On Inferno they had some defensive problems, especially with the AWP, although ZywOo plays with this rifle. There were difficulties at point B, so they decided that I would play my usual role of the main sniper, so now I am part of the three, playing on A ”.

Nivera appreciated the progress of Kevin misutaaa Rabier, with whom he previously played on the same team, and called the style that Gambit adheres to as a benchmark for Vitality:

“You can see with the naked eye that misutaaa is playing much better now. When I joined Vitality, he made fewer mistakes and played more strictly, although of course he still needs to work – he is only 17 years old, he is younger than me. Much depends on psychology, when you are young and play in the best team in the world, it crushes.

Take a look at Gambit. They are 18-20 years old, with the exception of HObbit, but they play in a strict style, they don’t risk in vain, they always take the game very seriously. We must follow their example. ”

“We play in a strict style, despite our individual skill, we push off from each other, we play for the team, which bears fruit. We still want to win, our goal is to remain a top team, so we have nothing to lose. The real tests begin now.

My mindset is that I really want to play. I wanted to play so much that when I was sitting behind the guys I didn’t think about failure or anything else, I just wanted to put headshots. This thirst is what pushes me. “

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