New 100 Thieves coach: “I was ready to join the Valorant team”

New Thieves CS:GO mentor Chet ImAPet Sin admitted that he was one step away from changing the discipline. According to the American, he had an offer from the Valorant team, but in the end he was offered a contract by Matthew Nadeshot Haag. ImAPet spoke about this in an interview with HLTV.

According to Sina, in Valorant he was asked to assemble a team from scratch:

“I was ready to join the Valorant team. I was offered the position of general manager – to build a structure, put together a composition and stuff like that. Since I have been in CS for quite some time, I know what it takes to form a strong roster. I was ready to sign the contract, but on the same day, fortunately, I received an offer from 100 Thieves. “

ImAPet also shared an opinion on former teammates for Evil Geniuses. He believes that the team needs replacements:

“I think zews is a good coach, I think he will help the roster with something. But I believe that the team needs replacements. Many opportunities were missed to change everything for the better, so now they just have to study the options with a new mentor. But I’m sure they need to change the roster. “

On May 26, ImAPet became the coach of 100 Thieves. Until April he worked at Evil Geniuses, however, he left the team due to disagreements with Tarik tarik Tselik and captain Peter stanislaw Yarguz.

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