NBK on Team Vitality changes: “ApEX can definitely become a good leader”

Nathan NBK Schmitt commented on Alex ALEX McMiquin’s replacement as part of Team Vitality for CS: GO. In a 1pv interview, he also said that he had to leave the French team due to pressure from the management.

According to NBK, the team did not want to follow a proven system, which caused the atmosphere in the team to worsen. In addition, he had to cope with pressure from the organization.

“The atmosphere in Team Vitality at that time was not the best. Despite the good results, no one wanted to continue playing with the two captains. After DreamHack Masters Dallas, the team had questions for me as a captain and the system as a whole. However, the team did not come to any decision. As a result, I mistakenly refused what brought us to the finals, and began to look for a solution that everyone would like. Now I understand that in any case, I could only abandon the role of captain or leave the squad.

I was gradually squeezed out of the position of captain for two to three months. Organization and management pressed me, although there was no direct discussion and ultimatums. We could have arranged my departure from the team better if we had a better understanding of the issues, but in the end everything would have turned out exactly the same. For the first time in my career, I was so uncomfortable in the team that I myself began to think about leaving. ”

NBK noted that Team Vitality did the right thing after leaving ALEX, signing a young shooter and transferring the role of captain Dan apEX to Madeskler.

“As a player, I really wanted to play against Team Vitality with ALEX as captain. Now this match seems a little less interesting to me. In my opinion, with the departure of ALEX, the team definitely should have gone all-in and tried something new – to take a good shooter and not try to make shox become an in-lead leader, because without this nothing will come of it.

ApEX has the qualities necessary for the captain, and he knows very well about his possible problems. He can definitely become a good leader, and I’m very interested to see if he can prove it in the long run. ”

On March 4, ALEX left Team Vitality – the former team captain was tired of the busy tournament schedule. Misutaaa took his place in the team, and the role of captain passed to apEX.


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