NBK about OG: “Now our main problem is chaos in communication”

Nathan NBK Schmitt named the main challenges for OG’s CS: GO roster. In an interview with HLTV, he noted that sometimes the communication of players during matches becomes too chaotic. The Frenchman added that the team needs a clear structure – the only way it can apply new ideas.

According to NBK, during tactical breaks, OG players usually only try to calm each other – due to communication problems, they lose their mood for the match.

“Now our main problem is the chaos in communication. Because of this, we often miss important things. At some point, players begin to transmit information worse and stop listening to each other. In the end, everyone is angry. We need to find a way to get rid of the negative aspects and fully focus on the game.

When we take a break, I constantly repeat: “Calm down and just do the same as in training, do not complicate the tactics.” I do this because I have more experience in such situations. We have incredible shooters – valde proved to be excellent [in the match against Evil Geniuses], and the others played as needed at the right time. But we still just try to reassure each other during timeouts. ”

NBK said that his teammates have too many ideas on tactics – this can interfere during matches, so the team tries to listen only to captain Alexi Aleksib Virolainen.

“We need a captain or several leaders, because the team has too many ideas. When everyone tries to offer something, chaos begins, and CS: GO needs to be focused at 100%. Aleksib now controls our game – when he gives the setting for the round, we obey without discussion. It helps us grow gradually. After the basic things, we can begin to move on. ”

On February 14, OG began performing at the BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020 with a victory over Evil Geniuses. In the next meeting, the team will compete with G2 Esports. The start of the match is scheduled for February 15, 22:30 Moscow time. The winner will pass to the LAN-finals of the competition, which will be held in the summer in Moscow.

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