NAVI: “We would like to express our gratitude to IEM for postponing the match against forZe”

Natus Vincere representatives thanked the organizers of IEM New York 2020 Online CS: GO for postponing the group stage match against forZe. A message about this appeared on the club’s twitter.

“We would like to express our gratitude to IEM for postponing the match against forZe due to the current health situation of Perfecto. We are sincerely grateful to all the fans who understand and support Ilya right now on social networks with kind words. We wish him a speedy recovery! ”

ForZe CS: GO roster Almaz almazer Assadulin stated that ESL applied the rules differently in case of problems with and Natus Vincere before the fights at IEM New York 2020 Online. In the fan group on VKontakte, he noted that the players of his team do not deny the seriousness of COVID-19, but at the same time the Russian team wasted four hours preparing for the fight with NAVI.


“Ahaha this is funny! The game was removed in 32 minutes 40 seconds without consent and I don’t understand what the administrators were doing at that moment! In exactly the same situation with Virtus Pro, they gave them a technical defeat on the first map for being 15 minutes late!

We understand that Covid-19 is a serious thing, but why did we sit for 4 hours and prepare for the game ??? “


Alexander s1mple Kostylev:

“Yes, it turned out ugly. But the NAVI team said to warn the forZe team. And we generally thought that it should be automatic between the tournament operator and the two teams.

The NAVI team also sat for 40 minutes and waited for what ESL would say – either the match would be postponed, or we would play with a substitute. We said that we would not play with the replacement, because if Andrey B1ad3 sat down instead of Ilya Perfecto, then 20% of our RMR points would be removed from us. And when Ilya returned, another 20% of RMR points would be removed from us.

Therefore, do not mention the word NAVI in such situations. Blame the tournament organizers. But if you just want to shit something, then it is better not to do so, not knowing the whole situation. To say that someone has double standards is nonsense. I don’t know, it feels like some players from this team are just waiting for something to happen, to quickly write something about it. To compare the situation in which a person receives a test and he starts to worry, to drive, and at the same time he is dizzy and cannot play, with the situation when, playing two tournaments, did not have time to play – and they were made forfeit … “

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