NAVI roster for CS: GO did not gather at a common boot camp due to coronavirus

Natus Vincere COO Alexei xaoc Kucherov told how CS: GO roster trainings are being held during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. He said that during the ESL Pro League Season 11, the players gathered in two groups in Moscow and Kiev, so that each of them could return home without any problems.

“The situation with international movement is now really very complicated, risky and, most importantly, unpredictable. Having gathered now at the bootcamp for everyone in one place, we may encounter a situation where the guys will not be able to return home or even worse. Therefore, it was decided, taking into account all the risks, to gather in two groups, in Moscow (Electronic, Flamie and Boombl4) and Kiev (s1mple, perfecto and b1ad3).

Ping will create a certain difference in the conditions of the players, but this is only the smallest of evils and we need to accept this so that we can watch the matches in this tournament. You should not worry about unfair play. The level of players in the championship is such that no one will risk his career for the sake of several matches. ”

On March 17, Natus Vincere will begin their performance at the ESL Pro League Season 11. In the first match, they will meet with North. The start of the confrontation is scheduled for 20:20 Moscow time.

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