Natus Vincere will expand the CS: GO roster to six people

Natus Vincere Junior member Valery B1t Vakhovsky will become the sixth player in the CS: GO main roster of the club. This was announced by insider Jarek DeKay Lewis, citing sources close to the team. NAVI representatives did not comment on this information.

B1t is expected to remain on the NAVI Junior roster. At the same time, he will play in the main roster of Natus Vincere on certain maps, if it is allowed by the tournament rules. The insider added that with the return to the LAN championships, the team will most likely refuse Vakhovsky’s help.

B1t has been playing for Natus Vincere Junior since September 2019. The team competes in online tournaments and qualifiers, but has not yet qualified for any major championship. Vakhovsky has already represented NAVI at ESL Pro League Season 12 – then he temporarily replaced Denis electronic Sharipov in the match against Heroic, when his Internet was disconnected.

Former CS: GO coach of Natus Vincere Mikhail Kane Blagin said that he offered the team to take the sixth player.

“I thought that NAVI needed a sixth player two years ago. I proposed this system: it allows players to have less workload, somewhere to save strength that is needed for the entire season and to be able to vary their tactics and strategies, because they depend on the opportunities that the player can provide. Tactical flexibility “.

“B1t is cool, everyone needs the sixth player. I think NAVI can afford to have 7 and 8 additional players! For this they need an academy. “

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