Natus Vincere Junior player about Valorant: “CS she won’t jump”

The reserve player of the Natus Vincere Junior CS: GO roster Daniil headtr1ck Valitov told how his life changed after joining NAVI. He also shared his opinion on Valorant.

“Subscribers and any material part is just a bonus, I think. I do not strive for this. I try to develop in the game, to play better. I met new guys in the team, they are all great, it’s cool to communicate with everyone. Ilyuha m0nesY just got out of touch. We talked a lot, watched movies, looked for some chips on the map, played together. ”

“I think the game is still raw. I myself have never played, I just watched how it is played. It is not clear what will happen to her in three years. If the developers try to add something new, listen to players’ feedback, then the game, I think, will be good. But, again, CS she won’t jump. I think it will just fill its niche. “


On May 7th Headtr1ck joined Natus Vincere Junior as a replacement. At the moment, he cannot participate in many major tournaments, since he is under 18 years old.


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