Nafany: “I can’t say that Gambit is the best team in the world. We are on a par with Heroic “

Gambit Esports captain Vladislav nafany Gorshkov commented on the team’s prospects for retaining leadership on the professional CS: GO scene. In an interview at BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021, he also talked about the progress of the squad and the need for hard training.

According to Gorshkov, the current success was expected for the roster, but six months ago he could not predict such rapid progress:

“Six months ago, I had no idea that we would rise so high in just six months. But, of course, the team was expecting such a result, because they worked hard, played at every tournament seven days a week. Such a success was expected for us, but not for everyone who watched us from the outside. ”

Nafany also shared his thoughts on Gambit’s busy training schedule. Gorshkov believes that this is the only way a team can achieve the title of the best in the world.

“It’s absolutely normal for teams to go through ups and downs. For example, 2-3 years ago Astralis was invincible. I think then the composition worked tirelessly. In my opinion, if a team wants to become the best in the world, they need to train as much as possible, fully focus on this. Perhaps we will stay at the current level for the next six months, but maybe not – who knows. ”

Despite recent successes, nafany does not consider Gambit to be the strongest team in the world. He named Heroic as one of the main competitors.


“We will try [to create the Gambit era], but right now I cannot say that our team is the best in the world. In my opinion, we are on a par with Heroic. Let’s see how we show ourselves in the long term. ”


In the first round of BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021, the Gambit team beat NASR eSports with a score of 2: 0. In the next match, the nafany team will compete with the best of the FURIA Esports – MIBR pair.

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