NAF and ShahZam hacked FACEIT accounts

Attackers hacked accounts of Keith NAF Markovich and Shabseb ShahZam Khan on FACEIT

. On behalf of the players, scammers sent letters asking them to transfer money to PayPal.

Twitter hacking information was posted by Ricky Rickeh Mulholland, who stands for the Complexity Gaming team. He published a correspondence in which a fraudster on behalf of NAF asked him for money to “pay for the services of a video editor”. Rickeh found out the email address of the attacker, and then sent a complaint in support of FACEIT.

In response to Mulholland, NRG Esports team coach Chet ImAPet Sin posted other screenshots. Sina was written on behalf of ShahZam and was also asked to transfer money, but to “create a design for social networks.” ImAPet refused and threatened to contact the FBI.

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