MIBR fined fer for racist speech on stream

MIBR financially punished CS: GO roster member Fernando fer Alvarengo, who behaved improperly on the stream. The esportsman made some racist comments and showed the middle finger to the audience.

During one of the broadcasts, the viewer from the chat asked the Brazilian not to touch his hair too often, to which Alvarenga flushed:

fer: “Stop touching your hair?” Are you upset because yours are too hard and bad? Upset that you have bad hair? Mine are good, soft, look. He is angry because my hair can do so [move – approx. Ed.].”

As compatriots fer on reddit explained, the stiffer the hair, the more “bad” it is considered in Brazil. Such hair mainly grows in those who have more people from Africa. That is why the statements fer considered racist.

Reddit users doubted that fer purposefully wanted to offend someone on racial grounds. That is why he got angry when he was accused of racism: the cybersportsman began to show his middle fingers to the audience and began to make various homophobic allusions (in particular, he told the dissatisfied audience to put his finger in his ass).

Brazilian CS: GO fans have also recalled that many local professional players often speak unflattering about fer (albeit not directly criticize). This is due to his manners and behavior.

When they started talking about the video in the Brazilian community, MIBR intervened. The club published an official apology and fined the player. Subsequently, fer also apologized.

The fine, as stated by the MIBR, will be sent to organizations involved in the fight against racism. The club will select them along with the e-sportsman.

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