Maikelele told about the difficulties that eSportsmen face

GODSENT player Mikail Maikelele Bill said that people don’t understand how to be a professional CS: GO player. He noted that e-sportsmen need to constantly communicate with teammates, monitor the game of opponents and not lose concentration.

” Are you just sitting playing computer games? ”

People will never understand how exhausting CS: GO can be, especially when it’s really close games with extra rounds. 3-5 hours of constant communication inside and outside the game.

You must understand the game picture of your opponents by listening and studying it, and at the same time you must share your vision of the game with everyone. You must understand what your teammates do, sometimes even sometimes without communication.

If you lose concentration, you can lose the game, which leads to the constant tension of most of the muscles in your body. You win and lose rounds, which causes emotions, and this is tiring.

CS: GO is almost every aspect of everything. ”

Maikelele has been performing on the professional stage since 2012. He represented the clubs LGB eSports, SK Gaming, Ninjas in Pajamas, Team Kinguin, G2 Esports and others.


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