Magisk after leaving BLAST Premier: “It’s easy to joke around those who are in a difficult situation”

Astralis player Emil Magisk Rafe commented on the defeat of mousesports in the quarterfinals of the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Showdown for CS: GO and the relegation from the tournament. He noted that his team was close to victory on the Overpass card, and also thanked the “real fans”.

“We could have won Overpass, again … But we still got a good comeback! On the last map we did not perform well enough. GG, we are leaving BLAST. Real fans, thanks! Everything will be fine with us. It is easy to joke with those who are in a difficult situation. But when people doubt us, it only gives us motivation. “

Astralis lost to mouz in the quarterfinal with a score of 0: 2. Detailed statistics on maps can be found on the match page.

At the end of May, the roster of the Danish club temporarily left captain Lucas gla1ve Rossander. He announced that he intended to devote time to psychological health. After that, Andreas Xyp9x Hoyslet, who also took a career break, followed suit.

The positions gla1ve and Xyp9x were taken by Jacob JUGI Hansen and Marco Snappi Pfeiffer. With the newcomers, the team spent five matches and lost four of them. After that, the organization announced its refusal to participate in the rating cs_summit 6. Astralis representatives noted that it was not profitable for the team to attend this tournament, because in case of an unsuccessful performance there, it risks losing the already earned Regional Major Rankings points.

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