Magisk about Astralis: “Before the holidays everyone felt that there was already not enough energy”

Emil Magisk Rafe told how Astralis players spent their vacations before StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 on CS: GO. In an interview with HLTV, he noted that after the break, the team was hard at the first training.



“Of course, it was great to finally get some free time to relax and chat with loved ones. True, the vacation seemed too long: towards the end, we missed the game, and I started training on my own in advance. All the participants in the squad know that they need to warm up before the start of the championship, because our team is always gaining momentum gradually. In the first match, the game may not go – we usually get in shape during the tournament.

Before the holidays, everyone felt that there was already not enough energy. This is a classic situation where it seems that everything is not going according to plan. For a long time, the team was at the top and suddenly began to lose tournaments. It was as if everything suddenly broke – because of this, a certain barrier appeared, which now needs to be overcome.

During the holidays, we watched tournaments that went on before the break on the competitive stage, gained motivation, studied other teams. Due to the fact that many teams did not perform, it was difficult to return to training. I myself have not played 23 days in a row and I can definitely say that it hurt my individual level. Matches in FPL or on servers are not at all like in a tournament. ”


The last championship Astralis played before the start of the holiday was ESL One Cologne 2019 in July. The team missed IEM Chicago 2019 – Team Liquid and ENCE eSports performed in the final of the tournament.

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