M0NESY: “In a year I see myself in the main NAVI squad”

16-year-old Natus Vincere Junior CS: GO player Ilya m0NESY Osipov spoke about goals for 2021. The cybersportsman said that he wants to get into the main roster of NAVI, but before that he wants to win several competitions with the youth composition of the organization, as well as enter the top 30 teams with the team. Osipov announced this in an interview with the NAVI Junior channel on YouTube.

“In a year I see myself in the main NAVI squad. This requires a lot of work. Over the next year, I want to win a couple of tournaments [along with Natus Vincere Junior] and enter the top 30 teams. I want to earn a slot in the main NAVI team and keep the top 1 or at least top 5 of the HLTV rating. I also have a dream to live at a bootcamp, not for two weeks or a month, but always. I also want to hold on to the stage for the cup with my team. ”

M0NESY also talked about his weak side – unstable play.

“At the moment there is something to worry about. I’m talking about my stability. In the last matches I play well, but there are games when I can play with a loss. This will need to be worked on. ”

Earlier VP.Prodigy captain Alexey RuFire Burakov told how he learned about the m0NESY player. According to the esportsman, their acquaintance happened in the chat of Burakov’s stream on Twitch.


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