Luminosity gaming out of Northern Arena

BVXlzn3dSometimes unexpected things coming last moment when nobody waits it, so it’s happened to Luminosity gaming that rejected their participation in Northern Arena right before the tournament. Here is whole description of the situation from the source: It is with much regret that we have to announce Luminosity Gaming not being able to attend Northern Arena the night before the event is set to begin. Due to complications between two Luminosity players and Canada Customs they have made the decision to drop out of the event last minute. Luminosity expressed their sincere apologies to Northern Arena and CS:GO fans worldwide.

The organization’s decision, however, is a respectful one because they would not be competing as the true Luminosity Gaming at Northern Arena if they only came with three players alone, and even if they did come, it was of course too short notice to even think about getting two substitutes that they could play comfortably with. We encourage fans to appreciate the fact that they were set to come to Northern Arena and simply got that opportunity stolen from them due to reasons out of their hands.

Teams that we will see in the tournament: Splyce, CLG, TSM, Echo Fox, Synthetic Gaming, Ace Gaming, Rogue, Optic, WinterFox, Heroic, NRG, Complexity, Cloud9, Immortals, Selfless Pride.
First Place will take 50000$, Second Place 25000$, Third 15000$, Fourth 5000$, 5-8 places will take 1500$. Tournament will be held in Toronto from 1-4 September.

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