Lost with items!?

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-570416-1-1-2The situation that came after Gabe’s decision about closure of gambling sites is still burning, some platforms trying to make bots as fast as it is possible to keep working, some sites were closed, some of them get rid of the gambling part. But here is the question that still actual, what people could do with their skins? For some of you it is not a question at all because you guys proud of your skins in game and mostly your collection were made for the gaming component but not trading or exchanges. Anyway big part of CS GO community belongs to traders groups and skins for them nothing but money, which is still reasonable and decent point of view. For them it is problem – skins lost part of their price and not much places where you can sell it safely and profitable, so it appears as massive losses. Now i would like to tell about escapes that able for such people, lets get to it:
First of all – G2A. Here you can find anything you need in terms of gaming, so you could sell everything you have, skins as well. The advantages of G2A is clear – that is the biggest place after a Steam Market so the auditory is really huge, every item will be sold pretty fast and probably with decent benefits – how big it is depends on you.
Second place  – Stream Market. This place is always good if you want to sell something cheap or mediocre, but not stuff with a huge price. Such things usually get stuck in the market without any hopes to be bought, nowadays you cant even find the most expensive items over there, so that’s the main disadvantage.
Third way is the rest of the options: ingame exchange, trading on old websites on your own risk, b2b trading – even more risks. Remember that a lot of traders still hunting for rare items you could have, or you could walk from one way to another by trading your items, since a lot of jackpot, trading sites doesn’t work better use lounge as an option, ask your friends, don’ give up. This time don’t try to be greedy cuz prices been dropped.
And few words about next level tactics – wait until the next step of valve, if nothing happens prices will slowly grow again and maybe whole situation will be stable, trading and gambling will never be the same, but it doesn’t mean that gambling is not exist anymore, all we need to do is wait. Almost everything about Valve and their decision, which is almost a big risk because the way Gabe will choose is against gambling at all and that will hurt you even more this time is for you to decide how to react.

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