Lmbt: “I put Oskar on the pot personally after the very first tournament”

ForZe’s CS: GO roster coach Sergey lmbt Bezhanov recalled the period of work at mousesports. In an interview with Daniil Zeus Teslenko, the Ukrainian mentor also recalled the conflict between Chris chrisJ de Jong and Tomáš oskar Štastny.

Getting to know mouz didn’t leave the best impression on lmbt:

 lmbt:“Everything was sad. They just said, “Can you fly to the bootcamp today?” There was a flight at 17:00, I just sat down and flew to Germany for two days, looked at this mess. At that time, the CEO and owner of mouz asked me one question: “Is it even possible to train this team?” There were NiKo, oskar and three players who spoke German. There was complete nonsense. He asked: “Is it possible to train them at all?” I said that maybe I told them a couple of topics before the vacation and flew away. “

Bezhanov also told how much he received during the first time working with the German club:

“I worked for mouz for seven months without a contract, it was a trial period. The salary was two thousand euros. Another percentage of the prize money, but very small. I was not very interested in this, I was interested in the results. “

According to Bezhanov, at first oskar had problems with the attitude to the profession:

 lmbt:“The funny thing is that after the very first tournament I put oskar on the bank personally – for behavior and discipline. He really didn’t like the team, the atmosphere, he whined, he wanted everyone to cherish him, etc. At my first tournament with mouz, we took second place, and chrisJ told him to his face that he was a darned sock: “You either work or you just go *** “”.

In an interview with Zeus, Bezhanov also spoke in detail about his esports career, the restructuring at mouz, talked about the bans of coaches and explained why he respects Timo Spiidi Richter.

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