lmbt: “I have never supported foul play or exploited bugs for my own benefit.”

ForZe’s CS: GO roster coach Sergey lmbt Bezhanov spoke about his ban, which he received following an ESIC investigation into a camera bug. Bezhanov said that he was not guilty and would not accept punishment, and would also demand to review the results of the check.

“Hello. I have never endorsed foul play or exploited bugs for my own benefit, any tournament administrator or organizer knows that I always try to improve the tournament rules by contacting them in case of any inaccuracies or errors in the rules. Also in this situation, as soon as these events began to occur and news appeared, I immediately contacted ESIC, and as soon as possible, the team manager and I independently found the rounds in which the bug occurred. Moreover, even before all this investigation, I pointed out the bug to the admins and there is evidence of that.

At the end of the day, ESIC investigated and added two new cases in which I was not guilty, but they did not contact me to get details or explanations from me and, accordingly, did not take into account the evidence that I was not at the PC during episode with a bug in matches with MIBR. I will not accept punishment based on their internal document as the situation with MIBR should be reviewed. I am ready to receive a fair punishment (the keyword JUST), which will be imposed on everyone else, because I have always respected and respect the established rules. All perpetrators should be held accountable, subject to investigations and all the evidence provided. “

On September 28, The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) announced the results of an investigation into the use of a bug that allowed spying on rivals. In addition to Bezhanov, the list includes 33 more coaches.

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