Leniniw: “I see Nemiga as my favorite in the match against Winstrike Team”

Konstantin leniniw Sivko gave a forecast for the match between Nemiga Gaming and Winstrike Team on WePlay! Clutch Island by CS: GO. In his opinion, the composition of Igor lollipop21k Solodkov will win this confrontation.

“Winstrike is not doing very well. Having a constant ban of Inferno, the guys have 0/3 Overpass (for Nemiga 7/9), negative win rates on the running de_dust2 and de_mirage (Nemiga has 80% and there are 5 more cards). Strong on paper de_vertigo (looks like one of two peak options for Winstrike) Nemiga also plays at a very decent level. de_nuke, which Winstrike kicked against the Belarusians for the last time, Namiga pulled up and from the beginning of the month lost only 1 Nuke out of 9 (!).

Plus, Nemiga has a lot more practice lately (84 cards played versus 40). Complexity’s experience on BLAST (of course, in my opinion) has proven that practice matters!

Yes, we can say that serious guys play in Winstrike, even a major winner, but the team wins, not the players. And in this case, Nemiga seems to me to be my favorite. Given the odds, my forecast for their victory! ”


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