Leniniw about the Jamppi bath: “Imagine for a second that when s1mple launched the cheats, it would be detected not by ESL anticheat, but by VAC”

StarLadder commentator Konstantin leniniw Sivko spoke out about the ban on Elias Jamppi Olkkonen from participating in Valve tournaments because of a VAC ban. He believes that the player needs to be given a second chance or to revise the rules of lifelong blocking.

 leniniw: “The Valve Anti-Cheat block is a life ban sentence for all Valve tournaments. This, if you please, the main tournaments. Even if you accept that Jamppi got a VAC ban at the age of 14 from his computer, doesn’t it seem to you that this is somehow too much? I mean, Faceit set an excellent precedent with inviting Ropz to his office, where he proved his level and is now one of the most stable players on the Planet. Yes, he didn’t have a VAC, but the point is that the Jamppi level is easy to check. Doesn’t talent deserve a chance to be revealed? Due to a mistake of a 14 year old teenager? I don’t think you think it is right. ”

Sivko cited as an example the case of Alexander s1mple Kostylev, who at the beginning of his career was also convicted of using cheats.

“Imagine for a second that on the day that S1mple launched the cheats, it would not be detected by ESL AC but VAC? What, then, to ban because of this obviously skill player for life and deprive humanity of such a phenomenon? Do you really believe that?

Of course, I understand that Valve cannot break the rules for the sake of any player, but in this case the rules should be changed. Players should receive a second chance. Some cases need to be reviewed. The community must have a voice! ”

On April 21, Jamppi joined ENCE eSports. Due to the VAC ban, he cannot participate in Valve tournaments. According to Olkkonen, at the time of the blocking, the account did not belong to him, and Valve’s decision deprived him of the opportunity to play for OG.

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