Large/small bets

Not everyone loves gambling, many have lost large sums of money on the bets, and some have made a fortune. In this article we will look at the question of what size can be bets in eSports.

Let’s start with the fact that in any online betting the maximum bet size is limited, unless it is a site that provides you to go and make a some sort of a duel bet against particular person and the size of the bet you have to negotiate with him. But it is extremely unpopular, very slow and inconvenient way with a bunch of flaws, so more than ninety-nine percent of people prefer the classic betting, they are much easier to use and never have problems with other players, since all contacts are associated exclusively with a betting site.

Well, let’s talk about what rates can be. Let’s start with sites that offer a bid in the form of items or exchange items for points and do they rate (hereinafter these points can be exchanged for goods or money, it’s for you to decide). Such sites tend to have at its disposal not only the tote but the whole casino with roulette and other forms of gambling, though it all tied around the playing equipment that has both its pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros: If you play this computer game then you probably find that the supply and this you do not spend not one penny, if you are interested in the objects to a greater extent than the money, then you will be pleased with the news that he had won items you are at the market price, no more, no less; Cons: in any transactions, exchange, transfer to another currency, exchange – you lose some of your money, any procedures have their own secret tax that can no doubt be withdrawn, in fact it has already been included in the value of items or ingame currency, so you will not nothing is said about it, but more than written – so nothing unfair. And of course it is to touch on classic cash sweepstakes. It is this variation is the most popular despite the fact that the sites with the rates in the form of gaming equipment on the order more. The most famous betting sites:,, Usually the minimum possible bid on these sites – $ 1 and a maximum of $ 100. maximum bet limit policy is taken from the classic sports betting, as a variation of the fight with the players who put a huge amount on the ‘right’ or ‘true’ games, despite the lower rates, such rates bring a stable income and have minimal risks.
We strongly recommend using one of the aforementioned sites, they are time-tested and people and cause much less troubles than other sites, cobbled together in a hurry and there is less a couple of months, an important indicator of the quality of the site is to have sponsorship agreements with large organizations, always pay attention to it .

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