Kuben about Virtus.pro: “Salary increase didn’t affect the deterioration of the team’s results like Mercedes donated by TaZ”

Former Virtus.pro CS: GO trainer Jakub kuben Gurchinsky said that, in his opinion, has become the main prerequisite for the team disorder. In an interview with HLTV.org, he noted that teammates got angry with Victor TaZ Vojtas after Anton Sneg1 Cherepennikov presented him with Mercedes.

“I believe that the increase in salary did not affect the deterioration of the results of the team as much as the Mercedes donated to TaZ. We found out about this a few months later, and it was sad that, despite our long-standing friendship, anger and jealousy aroused inside everyone. And that is, instead of rejoicing in the success of a teammate. ”

Kuben also said that VP players wanted to make replacements back in mid-2017, but the club’s management asked to wait until the end of the major.

“The first thoughts about the changes appeared in mid-2017. But we were told to wait for the major. In addition, EPICENTER was on the way, in which we were additionally motivated to win, since the tournament was in Russia – the country of Virtus.pro.

After an unexpectedly successful performance (a very close lost final against SK), when the entire CS: GO community doubted us, we got a ray of hope. But he came in handy only to bury us in the next tournament. A major performance in 2018 was the last nail in the coffin lid, and changes were inevitable.

I was very worried when at the evening dinner I told TaZ about the changes. There were tears in my eyes. It was not just a relationship between a coach and a player. ”

Gurchinsky noted that the team should have made replacements in June 2018. According to him, it was precisely because of inaction that Janusz Snax Pogorzelski decided to leave for mousesports.

“Today it is difficult to talk about this, but based on the experience gained, I would say that I would have done everything differently. I would immediately replace two players. In June 2018, we again had the idea to strengthen the squad, but Roman [Dvoryankin] did not agree. After a while, he admitted that he regrets his decision.

Due to inaction, Snax decided to leave the organization and leave for mousesports. This led to a breakup with byali. Out of politeness, Pavel played with us before the major in London, but not everyone liked the game under such circumstances. ”

Kuben became a Virtus.pro trainer in February 2015 and spent almost five years in this position.

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