kRYSTAL is teamlead of Imperial at DH Tours 2018

Картинки по запросу kRYSTAL csgo

Kevin kRYSTAL Amend is going to be ingameleader and game coordinator of The Imperial at the nearest largest DreamHack Tours 2018 tournament. Information about this appeared on Kevin’s official tweeter-account. We will see whether kRYSTAL will continue to play for The Imperial after the competition, or leave the team.

kRYSTAL will place the position of AcilioN, who broke off relations with Imperial from May 2nd. Today Kevin Amend is officially presents the lineup of Sprout. He has been playing for this e-sports squad since December 2017.

DH Tours 2018 championship will happen at Parc des Expositions arena in France on May 19-21. Total prize pool of the event is $100,000. Total number of registered participants is 8. ASTRO Gaming, Monster Energy, Corsair Gaming, ZOWIE BenQ and Intel provide sponsorship.

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