KRiMZ got a VAC ban

Fnatic CS: ​​GO player Freddy KRiMZ Johansson received a VAC ban on Steam. The Swedish esportsman announced this on Twitter. He has already turned to the administration of the CS: GO Twitter account with a request to help solve this problem as quickly as possible.

Johansson did not provide details about the VAC bath. According to the description of the ban, the Swede’s fans suggested that it was not related to CS: GO, but could be the result of a glitch or error. Some fans jokingly asked if his teammate Robin flusha Ronquest, who in the past was often suspected of using cheats, could have played from the KRiMZ account.

On the night of November 24, Valve released a patch for CS: GO, with which it made changes to the code of the VACnet neural network. This program calculates dishonest players based on their behavior in a shooter. The neural network analyzes the movements of the user’s mouse half a second before the shot and a quarter of a second after it. If the movements of the sight and the mouse do not coincide, the system will ban the intruder without the participation of the “Patrol”.

neL:“I was told it was a hack. But good luck with KRiMZ trying to get Valve unblocked over the weekend and after Thanksgiving. ”

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