KRiMZ about his nickname: “It all started with a tattoo that I did on a drunk leg”

Freddy KRiMZ Johansson, a member of the Fnatic CS:​​GO roster, explained why he plays with this nickname. According to him, he coined the nickname back in Counter-Strike 1.6, and left it because of the tattoo he made at one of the parties.

“I just came up with it … It all started with a tattoo, which I did on a drunk leg. I just had a drink with a couple of friends, one of whom had a tattoo machine, and we are like, “Let’s do it” … We played in the same team in CS 1.6, I decided to get the nickname I was running with. In the end, he became attached to me. ”

In the video for Rivalry, the Swede admitted that he does not like to compare himself with other players, but named his idol in Counter-Strike – it turned out to be Patrick f0rest Lindbergh. KRiMZ also believes that there are no roles left in CS: GO except for the sniper and etri-fragment.

KRiMZ has been playing on the pro stage since 2013. Apart from the two-month period at GODSENT, the Swede has been playing for Fnatic for more than five years. As part of the team, he became a two-time major champion, and also won many tournaments from ESL, DreamHack and StarLadder. During his career, he earned more than $ 740 thousand in prize money.

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