KNgV- left MIBR and formed a new lineup with brothers HEN1 and LUCAS1

Brazilian player Vito kNgV- Giuseppe, who became MIBR captain at the end of 2020, announced his retirement from the club. According to Giuseppe, the club’s unsatisfactory results and the fact that he could not find a common language with the management led him to this decision. Giuseppe noted that the problems did not arise because of money, but then admitted that under the new contract, his salary should have been cut. kNgV-:

“That’s all guys, we couldn’t come to an agreement with MIBR. The problem was not money, but the lack of dialogue and interest from the management. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and set off in search of a new home. After analyzing the last three months after becoming a captain, I found out that I was in the top 3 overall ranking among other in-game leaders. And in terms of impact, it turned out to be the best. Given these indicators and the team’s performance, I simply could not agree to a 75% salary cut under the new contract. It goes against my beliefs.”

KNgV- announced that it is leaving the main MIBR roster. According to the Brazilian, he already has a new team, which will consist of six players. In addition to kNgV- itself, the roster will include ex-MIBR manager Rafael cogu Camargo (it is not known whether he will play), as well as brothers Lucas LUCAS1 Teles and Enrique HEN1 Teles. Last January 8, he left the FURIA Esports roster, with which he entered the top 3 of the world team ranking for the first time in 2020. Who will become the fifth and sixth members of the new kNgV- roster has not been announced.

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