KNgV-: “I’ve screwed up many times during my career”

After coming out for StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, Vito kNgV- Giuseppe admitted that he no longer hoped to return to the professional CS: GO scene. He stated that he had made many mistakes in life, but made the necessary conclusions from them.

“I have screwed up many times during my career, more than once I did what I shouldn’t have. But it was a valuable experience that made me better. I do not regret what happened, because without it I would not be where I am now. I am infinitely happy to be back on the major, because not so long ago I thought that my career was over. But God gave me a second chance to do what I love so much. Counter-Strike is my life. If it were not for the game, I would do something else – perhaps something bad. Where I come from, people rarely have a choice. ”

KNgV- came out on a major with the team INTZ eSports. She beat MVP PK in the decisive Play-In stage match.

Earlier, kNgV- became a participant in the scandal due to being late for the match. In September 2017, when Giuseppe played for Immortals, his team did not have time to fight against Counter Logic Gaming. Captain CLG Pujan FNS Mehta joked on Twitter that his rivals were hung over, after which kNgV- demanded evidence from Mehta and threatened with reprisals. After that, Giuseppe was expelled from the team. The player also cursed with journalist Duncan Thorin Shields.

In 2019, rumors associated kNgV- with the transition to MIBR. According to Jarek DeKay Lewis, the club planned to invite Giuseppe to the place of Marcelo coldzera David. On July 23, VPEsports, citing an anonymous source, reported that the Brazilian team had not yet made a transfer offer.

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