KNgV-: “I disagree with Valve’s decision to take all points from MIBR because of one round.”

Player Vito kNgV- Giuseppe commented on zeroing the RMR points of the MIBR team for using a coach bug in one round at ESL One: Road to Rio CS: GO. The esportsman soon deleted the tweet, but his words were conveyed by journalist Richard Lewis, who was unhappy with the reaction of the participant of the Brazilian roster.

“I disagree with Valve’s decision to take all our RMR points from us over one round. In my opinion, this is unfair and ridiculous. “

Lewis noted that MIBR is again trying to portray itself as a victim. He also pointed to another violation of the rules of the CS: GO competitive scene by the Brazilian team. At ESL One: Road to Rio, the team defeated YeaH! Gaming and created a conflict of interest – some MIBR members are co-owners of this club.

Richard Lewis:
“Of course, kNgV- is tweeting about how stupid Valve was to take all RMR points for cheating in the game by his coach. MIBR is a victim again, as always. It is very convenient not to pay attention to the fact that MIBR was not disqualified immediately after defeating its own academy at that tournament. “

Earlier, the MIBR coach was caught using a bug with a camera at two tournaments of the RMR series – ESL One: Road to Rio and cs_summit 6. The mentor was banned at the next ESL, DreamHack and Beyond the Summit championships, and the team was disqualified from the respective competitions and deprived of the prize money. On September 9th Valve also reset the RMR points earned by the team.

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