KNgV- about problems with finding a club: “The needs of the tier-1 roster are not so easy to satisfy”

Brazilian esportsman Vito kNgV-Giuseppe commented on the long-running search for a club for the team he assembled with brothers Lucas LUCAS1 Teles and Enrique HEN1 Teles. KNgV- noted that his teammates are waiting for an offer that will correspond to the status of the roster. The Brazilian told about this in an interview with HLTV.

“MIBR decided not to negotiate with us. They made us an offer, stating that it was final, and asked to quickly answer whether we agree to it. So we did – we refused, because we did not have the opportunity to discuss the conditions.

We are aware of what kind of team we have turned out. The average age of the squad is 25 years old, we are still young. We have major finalists, three young talents and a coach who has won many trophies. We have already shown ourselves in matches with opponents of the highest level, climbed 220 lines in the world rankings in just a month, simultaneously breaking all view records. At the same time, we are very media and, in fact, we are, perhaps, the most popular team in Brazil. Is there any other similar roster on the market? ”

According to Giuseppe, the team members were ready for such difficulties and knew that negotiations with organizations would take a long time.

“Of course, we understood that it would not be easy to find an organization. But finding the composition of our level in the market is not an easy task. In addition, it is not easy to find a club that can meet the needs of a tier-1 roster. But these complexities are part of the workflow. ”

KNgV- assembled a roster with the Teles brothers in January 2021. The team included representatives from FURIA and MIBR. The roster did not play a single official match after the formation, but it has already entered the top 25 strongest teams in the world according to On January 15, information appeared on the network that the team began negotiations on a transfer with the Brazilian football club Flamengo, but the parties did not comment on the information.

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