Kjaerbye said that he sold the apartment after being invited to FaZe Clan

Danish esportsman Markus Kjaerbye Kiebu said that he sold the apartment after he received an invitation to the FaZe Clan in CS: GO. He also noted what role he will play in the team – it will be new for Chiebu. Interview with Kjaerbye posted on HLTV.

“When I was a free agent, I felt that I was ready to go to play abroad. I’m quite an impulsive guy, and I love adventures, so I sold my apartment in Denmark and … I don’t know how you will understand my decision, but I want to move closer to one of the teammates. I was ready to move to America too – easily. I love Denmark, but I have a strong desire to get out of here and try to live for myself. I myself do not know where I will go, but I doubt that next year I will stay in Denmark. ”

The esportsman admitted that he initially hoped for a different role in FaZe Clan, but after meeting his teammates, he agreed to a new challenge.

“We had six days of training before ESL One Cologne. While I was on vacation, I talked to NiKo about the roles in the team and told him that I was ready to do whatever. I started my career as an Entry Fragger and in the days of Astralis was very afraid that I was not capable of anything else. But then I became a lurker, and it turned out that I was also good in this role.

So I told NiKo that I was ready to be an Entry or Lurker. But there are so many outstanding and very experienced players in this team that I agreed to become a defensive player. I want to become good in this role as well, to discover new aspects of the game, especially since this is one of the few roles that I have not yet studied. “

Kjaerbye played for Astralis, with whom he became the major champion, but then voluntarily left the team and joined North. The player spent two years in the new roster, but in May 2020 he went intoactive, claiming that he was tired of the professional scene. Kyьbyu resumed his career on August 11, joining the FaZe Clan.



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