KennyS: “I’m not watching anything other than the One Piece anime right now”

G2 Esports CS: GO player Kenny kennyS Schrab said that he became depressed after losing to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League final. In an interview with GameInside, the French player also shared which anime he is currently watching.

Schrab clarified that he is never happy with his form in a shooter from Valve:


“I just got a little depressed because of the loss to PSG. I see that I am underplaying in some places. But I also see that we are winning, so it’s not that much and it’s important for me to be in the top for frags. My role is to help the team be better as a whole. I am never fully satisfied with myself, but I can be happy with the results of G2. “

KennyS revealed that he is currently only watching One Piece anime:

“I am currently watching the One Piece anime. For a while, I no longer watch Netflix because I watch One Piece. I’m not watching anything but One Piece right now. But there are a lot of good shows to watch. “

Paris Saint-Germain lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. The match ended with the score 0: 1.

G2 Esports beat MIBR and Heroic in the ESL One Cologne Online 2020 group stage and advanced to the playoffs.

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