KennyS: “As AmaNEk joined the team, we are seeing some growth”

Sniper of the G2 Esports CS:GO team, Kenny Schrub, spoke about the progress of the team after the arrival of Francois AmaNEk Delaunay. In an interview with StarLadder, he also shared an opinion on his current form of play.

“I think that this season we have shown pretty decent results. Since AMANEK joined the team, we have seen some growth. Then we had some problems with the completion of the games, which is now given to us with greater ease. Now, it seems, our game has become more calibrated, and the “chemistry” between us has become more. Since then, everything that we just did not make more sense. JACKZ became our “entry”, which has always been his profile role, and the presence of AMANEK in the team also gave us a breath of fresh air and a new look at our game. On some maps, he also acts as a coordinator. He is a really important and valuable player for us. He managed to remove a large load from some players from our team. As you can see, we really made great progress with him. We managed to achieve pretty good results. We have great potential. I would say that we have unlimited potential for the future, while AMANEK remains with us. ”

KennyS believes he had a good game season. He also said that he would continue to move forward until he fully realized his potential.

“I think I had a good season, but all I do is work to get better next year. And all I will do this next year is work for the future too. I just will continue to move forward until I fully realize my potential. Am i satisfied This is not the end. Obviously, I want more, but even before that I had nothing to complain about. I will not be upset after what happened last year, because I remember well what this led to. I just need to be patient. ”

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