Karrigan: “People say little about Perfecto”

The captain of the mousesports CS: GO roster Finn karrigan Andersen spoke about Natus Vincere’s attacking performance. The Dane advised Andrey B1ad3 Gorodensky’s team to be more inventive and praised Ilya Perfecto Zalutsky. Andersen spoke about NAVI on the HLTV Confirmed podcast.

Karrigan considers NAVI exits at late timings annoying:

“It’s very uncomfortable to play against their style, because they either come into contact right away, or they do everything slowly: 20 seconds remain, you have no grenades, and you have to accept duels. If you play passively, they find good ways to take points. “

The Dane singles out Perfecto in the team and advises NAVI to change the style a little – this will help to catch opponents by surprise more often:

“I have no problem with NAVI’s style, usually it’s all about clutches – it wins matches for them. By the way, it seems that people don’t talk about Perfecto enough: why doesn’t anyone mention how perfectly he fit into the NAVI style? Even in the early stages of Perfecto’s career, I don’t remember him making mistakes. He plays very smartly, plays for the team. I think this is a key component of NAVI.

It is very important to the team and usually overlooked. He doesn’t have an outstanding rating, but he played perfect many key rounds. The team does not need another fragger, they have electronic and s1mple, which are constantly playing at the level. There is Boombl4, which may also surprise you, there is a much less stable flamie lately, but I don’t think the team needs more firepower. I think they need a slightly different style with which they can surprise their opponents. They’re easy to read, but hard to resist. “

In the podcast, karrigan also spoke about the reshuffle at mousesports, as a result of which Ozgur woxic Ecker left the team. The Dane admitted that only Robin ropz Kohl was guaranteed a place in the squad.


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