“Just try to tell me it’s just luck.” DreamEaters rejoice in entering the next stage of the major

On August 26, DreamEaters defeated forZe in a decisive match for reaching the main stage of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 CS: GO. Team captain Svyatoslav svyat Dovbakh called success the result of serious teamwork, and Vladislav Krad Kravchenko said that he still did not believe what had happened.

Svyat tweeted that he was proud of the team:

“We did it! Proud of my guys! The past eight months have been very difficult because we have spent many days to get better and better. It all worked out, and just try to tell me that this is just luck. ”

“It is like a dream. None of us can believe what happened, we are very happy. I think we will celebrate very, very violently (laughs). <…> We did not expect such a result. “

DreamEaters completed the preliminary stage of the major with 3: 2 statistics.

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