Johnta: “The qualifier format on cs_summit 6 is too tight”

CR4ZY coach Ivan Johnta Shevtsov spoke about the qualifier format at cs_summit 6 for Europe. On Twitter, he noted that some teams had lost the chance to qualify for the major on the results of only one match to two victories.

“The cs_summit qualifier format is too tight. One unsuccessful match to two victories, and the team has already lost the chances of reaching the RMR tournament. In my opinion, the closed qualification should be held in groups or in the double-elimination format, where the squad can play with at least two different opponents. Sometimes the team may be the second best in the qualifiers, but according to the results of the draw in the first meeting, they will face the strongest opponent. ”

In the qualifiers for cs_summit 6 for Europe, teams fight in the double-elimination format, however, the losers in the first round left the qualification without additional meetings for the relegation. Slots in the main stage of the tournament have already received Heroic, FATE eSports, BIG and OG. The last quota will be played by Fnatic and the winner of the Complexity Gaming pair – c0ntact Gaming.

The cs_summit 6 tournament for Europe will be held from June 24 to July 5. 16 teams will play $ 125 thousand and RMR qualification points, which Valve and ESL use to identify participants in the ESL One Rio 2020 major.


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