Johnta: “I hope someday developers return de_tuscan to us”

CR4ZY coach Ivan Johnta Shevtsov said he would like to see de_tuscan in CS: GO. He wrote about this on Twitter during a show match at the Gamers Without Borders charity tournament, the first game of which was held on this map.

“I hope someday developers will return de_tuscan to us. It’s very cool to watch a show match on this map. ”

In the show match, 100 Thieves and Team Liquid met. The meeting on de_tuscan ended in favor of the Australian team, you can see the recording of the game on this map here. As a result of the series, Aaron’s team AZR Ward received $ 150 thousand for donation to charity, and the composition of Jake Stewie2k Yip – $ 100 thousand

Tuscan is a popular map from the original Counter-Strike.

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