Jamppi Changes Valve Requirements In Legal Action

ENCE eSports player Elias Jamppi Olkkonen has reviewed Valve’s claim. The esportsman’s side said it was suing the right company, contrary to the words of the studio representatives. At the same time, the plaintiff reduced the amount of the required compensation.

On June 15, it became known that Jamppi filed a lawsuit against a subsidiary of Valve GmbH, which is not associated with CS: GO. However, its representatives in court believe that this does not affect the case, since it is this division of the corporation that works with European clients.

In addition, Olkkonen no longer requires Valve to remove the ban from participating in the studio-sponsored championships. Jamppi wants the company to remove the blocking from his previous account, and also pay him compensation in the amount of € 228,092, which is € 40,000 less than before. Valve’s response is expected no later than July 15th.

Jamppi’s lawsuit against Valve became known at the end of March. Olkkonen contested an old VAC ban, due to which he lost the opportunity to perform at the majors and, according to insiders, missed the chance to get into OG.

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