“It’s hard to say if we can impose a fight on VP”: kr4sylya from the XSET women’s team about DreamHack Open December

Anastasia kr4sylya Khlobystina, a member of the XSET team, spoke about the expectations from the DreamHack Open December 2020 in CS: GO, and also commented on the opinion of the fans who accused the team of dishonestly receiving a slot in the tournament. In an interview for the Metaratings portal, she noted that it is difficult to assess whether XSET is capable of competing with men’s teams.

Khlobystina shared her opinion about entering DreamHack without qualifiers. She admitted that she did not attach importance to negative comments.

“Haters gonna hate. But seriously, there will always be people who will not like something. I never paid attention to them. “

The cybersportswoman sees both pros and cons in inviting female squads to major tournaments. However, according to Khlobystina, this experience is useful for teams.

“On the one hand, it causes a lot of resentment from the community and viewers, and on the other hand, it is a very cool and rewarding experience for women’s teams. How to progress and get better if you never play with serious opponents? “

The girl did not dare to evaluate the upcoming meeting with Virtus.pro within the DreamHack Open December 2020. The teams will play in the starting match of Group A.

“It is difficult to say so far whether we will be able to impose a fight on them. We will see everything during the match. “

Kr4sylya considers VP to be his favorite. Khlobystina also noted that XSET does not train enough against strong opponents.

“The fact is that we rarely train against good, strong teams. I think if we had more prakami against strong teams, we could make some kind of competition for male teams. But so far this cannot be verified before the tournament.

We want to score as many rounds as possible against all the teams with which we will play in the tournament. And then how it goes. I definitely consider the Virtus.pro team to be my favorite ”.


DreamHack Open December 2020 will take place online from December 10 to 13. Eight teams will compete for $ 100,000.

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