It’s all about the skins

maxresdefaultHi there, now i would like to speak about skins value – not just a price, but what it means to a game, how will CS GO look without skins and will it even exist without skins, what significance carried by items and how much money skins, items, sounds, cases brings to a Valve.

First way to use is trading. The easiest way. Principle – sharing in its benefits. Yes, it is difficult to make. Yes, it takes a long time. Yes, a little profit. But why, after all, we should start. So:

There are many sites resources for the valuation of certain things. I recommend using steam analyst:

The average value of the object, etc. – Everything on this site. The uniqueness that shows the maximum amount of information about the subject. In the future, better to use it for trade.

So, you can not rely on the trading floor price – very often they DOWNLOAD and you can just go into minus.

Main place of exchanges? lounge. Naturally, there bets, what will explain later. But there is a huge BUT: a huge number of people, namely ~ 95%, which will change it in their favor. How it works: you change, and he says to add anything, because in his opinion it is in the red. And in fact, in a double plus. I recommend people look for trades on public servers and such places, where so full of students and ordinary people who are not particularly versed in all this, and they can be easy to dissolve a couple of bucks.

Now the main problem: scammers or robots. People who try to steal your stuff. The main rule: never add people with ulterior profiles of people who have level 1 and with empty history nicknames. As a rule, it is bots, which you throw the left link. Of course, do not open any links that you will be given.

Betting as the second way of usage is not as usable as before, most of the sites can’t be safe for your items and whole inventory. But there is couple of sites that work very good without any malfunctions, i’m not gonna remind them because almost everybody knows them, you could simply type CS GO bets in google and top 5 will be such things you are looking for. The main problem about gambling is ignorance – you don’t know what will happen with such sites tomorrow and suddenly the site you are using to make bets is gone next morning and whole deposited items and points on your account gone with it. But as it was great part of CS GO and other games, gambling’s i mean, with it get lost big profits and auditory for Valve which is kind of a problem, for example last year Steam Market provided benefits in $330 millions, this year the paces are way lower in CS GO field mostly. Steam Market is real deal place actually because many items goes from gambling places to Market and vice versa. So i guess its all connected to each other even the whole CS GO popularity fell down now just look at the last major that lost about 30-35% viewers compared to the previous one. Skins is a big part of the game even if it is not changes mechanics so people and Valve should deal with it, there i no way back and there is no CS GO without skins and skins without CS GO in some terms they are support each other.

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