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orig_8a8db5d1f60b2ab6e2723af979e41d6aHow?How do we get all the skins of CS GO, more and better, ideally, we are talking about the possibility to get any skin. In fact, the difficulty to get one or another skin not only in in the CS GO but in other games such as DotA, Don’t Starve, is a financial question, whether you have enough money to buy the object you need, because if you put yourself goal is to get all the items you are most likely going to collect items of better quality, which significantly affects their value. So is not the case if you do not have sufficient funds, what are your options? In fact, there are only three ways- the first one is the distribution of a repost and various transfers information the actual giveaway, the second is the most obvious, but at the same time the most potentially costly – ingame exchange of things through the contract well and the third way is the direct purchase, the way that both previous fraught with great risks, but here we are faced with the danger of being deceived by a man with whom we deal, here is everything on your shoulders and it’s only up to you to choose the person with whom you do business.
You must understand that people are trying to make money on such games is a huge number of people and they are not much concerned about the responsibility because they loved all the freedom of trading items in the game does not provide for any liability – in other words, if you have deceived you will just shrug and look for a new way to find items you need, so pay attention to people before deal with them. However, some items are especially valuable, valuable in the truest sense of the word – expensive, it subjects such as: AWP Medusa/Dragon Lore, M4A4 Howl etc. But sometimes it may be quite difficult to find a guy with those items for sale, with a rare item in perfect condition, so even with stattrak, not everyone is going to sell it, or put on a roulette such things are usually only grow in value with time, in addition to all i’m already said, people usually do not mind to enter the small circle of owners of one of the best items in the game. So be prepared to convince such a person to sell his best thing for you – cuz for him it doesn’t sounds like a good idea. So when you succeed, you can safely remove this item to the darkest and remote corner of the inventory, to where no one can get him, at the same time do not forget to show it to everyone – it’s your little beauty that costs a thousand dollars. Good luck with your searches and have a best deals.

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