“It won’t get any worse” – ceh9 on the recognition of esports in Ukraine

CS: GO streamer Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko spoke about the official recognition of esports in Ukraine. In a commentary for Cybersport.ru, he noted that he was always skeptical about such initiatives, however, he believes that the official status may simplify the solution of some organizational issues with tournaments.

“I’ve always been pretty skeptical about this. Esports with or without government support has continued to develop. Even when no one believed, we still played. E-sports is, in principle, self-supporting in any case, but government support may provide some benefits. What exactly? I thought about this and came to the conclusion that the conditional organizer of the local championship can come to the mayor’s office of his city and tell about the preparations for the tournament, and the mayor’s office, in view of the fact that esports has already become official, will not roll his eyes and say: “ Why is this for shooters? ” They will take this whole process more seriously.

In any case, it seems to me that it will not get worse. Of course, I would like less control. If this does not happen, but there is comprehensive support for various e-sports events from the state, then it will be very cool. In principle, I’m glad. “

On September 7, e-sports became an official sport in Ukraine. This was reported by the Ukrainian Cybersport Federation (UESF), which worked on this initiative together with the country’s Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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