IRL ‑ Streamer caught cheating at DreamHack Winter 2019

IRL-streamer “Benszek” discovered a cheater in CS: GO during BYOC at DreamHack Winter 2019. A clip with this moment was saved on his channel.

On a short clip, at least three cheat functions are visible – highlighting opponents in a different color, third-person view and banihop. Benczek stood behind the cheater for several seconds, until he turned around. The player answered positively to the question of the IRL streamer about the presence of prohibited programs. It is not known where he used the cheats – in a tournament match or in matchmaking.

The acronym BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer, which in Russian means “bring your own computer.” This is a traditional event at the summer and winter DreamHack – hundreds of teams gather at the festival who can either use their PC or rent it from the organizers. During BYOC, visitors can participate in open qualifiers for e-sports tournaments, which take place a few days later at the same DreamHack, or just play for fun.

BYOC at DH Winter 2019 runs from November 28 to December 1. A CS: GO tournament with professional teams and a prize fund of $ 100 thousand is also held there, but there are no participants with BYOC there – qualifiers were held only online.

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