Interz about the victory of Gambit Youngsters over NAVI: “We hoped that we would win, but nobody expected it”

Gambit Youngsters player Timothy interz Yakushin commented on the victory over Natus Vincere in the group stage of WePlay! Clutch Island by CS: GO. He said that the team did not count on victory, but decided to show its maximum.

“We hoped and expected to win, but nobody expected it. We decided to play as best we could and show our maximum.

We didn’t get a pistol on Overpass, we lost both pistols and lost a lot of rounds because of this. Then we turned over, taking two eco, which is very decided. Then we crossed the CT side. We knew everything they do for T, and we had a game plan.

We were nervous when we started winning on Train. It seems they were 7-0. They talked a lot, shouted, and because of this, no one heard each other. As a result, in the very moment we can’t play. Perhaps, if they had not fussed, they could have won 2-0.

At Dust2, we knew that they didn’t really play in the middle on B, and decided to take the length on A very tightly. In principle, everything worked out since we knew that they defaulted, were in no hurry, and made late exits. When we took the 15th round, we had a small stupor. It happens to us that it’s hard for us to take the last round. But we paused, tried to agree, were in no hurry and won. ”

Gambit Youngsters beat Natus Vincere 2-1 (19:17 on Overpass, 12:16 on Train and 16:11 on Dust2). In the next match, the youth squad of Gambit will play with the winner of a pair of —Hard Legion Esports.

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